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About Hype AI

We are igniting a revolution in marketing through the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

Our cutting-edge AI software will be the catalyst that propels the world's most ambitious brands to achieve explosive growth, disrupt industries, and shape the future.

Just as the advent of the internet and mobile technology ushered in new eras of innovation, our AI solutions will be the key that unlocks the next quantum leap for businesses.

We are not just building software; we are forging the tools that will allow visionary leaders to dream bigger, move faster, and create a better world.

Our values

We dream big.
This is the foundation of Hype and how we inspire, challenge and energize ourselves. We embrace audacious goals with a can-do attitude.
Customers first.
We have an obligation to the brands using Hype and the everyday consumers they serve. Because our output is so critical to a customers’ success, we must keep their needs front and center in all we do.
Move with urgency and focus.
A bias for action speeds our learning and delights our customers. Focus on what matters most, make fast initial progress and iterate to the best outcome. Make it happen in the face of challenges.
Be meticulous in your craft.
Doing things well in our DNA. We value high quality craftsmanship and are committed to producing great work. We insist on high standards and continuously raise the bar. We hold ourselves and each other accountable.
Seek and give feedback.
We apply a growth mindset and seek continuous improvement. We value intellectual honesty and look to others at Hype with expertise to refine our ideas, challenge us and deepen our understanding across the business. Use “disagree and commit” to move forward.
Deliver outstanding results.
The Hype team is filled with high achievers with a drive to succeed. We take total ownership for seeing our work through and never, under any circumstances, blame someone else for a result not being achieved.
Simplicity over complexity.
We know simple is better.  Simplicity enables focus, clarity and excellence.  It accelerates our speed to market and strengthens our execution. 
More with less.
We manage costs tightly and make choices on how to drive growth. We allocate resources where growth is. We are scrappy. We show creativity and resourcefulness in order to do more with less.

Meet our leadership

Chris Curtis
Founder & CEO
Vishal Pachigar
Rehan Baber (Bilal)
Head of Engineering

San Francisco