Introducing DNA by Hype AI

Authentic, Effective Marketing at Scale

What is DNA by Hype AI?

DNA by Hype AI empowers your marketing team and agency partners with a cohesive, intelligent framework.

It seamlessly blends the essence of your brand (BrandDNA), the needs of your audience (CustomerDNA), and the details of each of your products (ProductDNA).

This enables you to create perfectly aligned marketing strategies and campaigns in ways never possible before.

Your Brand. Everywhere.

BrandDNA allows you to effortlessly manage your brand’s essential characteristics.

Effortless Integration

Instantly import brand details by simply entering your website.

Voice Consistency

Define and apply tone of voice guidelines to maintain brand coherence in all communications.

Visual Harmony

Customize visual styles, including colors, fonts, and visual principles, ensuring every piece of content aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.

Simple or Advanced

Build a simple segment in seconds or incorporate details from sophisticated customer research.

Improve Relevancy

Add demographic and psychographic information to personalize content.

Integrated Everwhere

Customer insights are integrated across the entire Hype AI platform.

Your Customers. Understood.

CustomerDNA integrates your customer insights to enable personalized marketing like never before.

Your Products. Sold Faster.

ProductDNA ensures the reasons to buy your products are effectively communicated.  No feature or benefit will be overlooked or misrepresented.

Strategic Consistency

Equip every team member and partner with the knowledge to reinforce your product's most compelling features and benefits. 

Extensive Capacity

Effortlessly manage a vast product assortment - up to 10,000 SKUs - bringing order to even the most complex product portfolios.

Integrated Content

With a few clicks, HypeWriter crafts emails with your product details, while HypeStudio creates vivid product photos.

By fusing a deep understanding of your brand, products, and customers, Hype crafts content that resonates.

"In the attention economy, relevancy is king."
Chris Curtis
Founder, Hype AI