Creative Briefs are the foundation of HypeAI

Good Content Starts With A Great Brief

For decades the best marketing leaders have used creative briefs to provide guidance to their advertising agencies to develop creative assets for their brands.  There are many variations of a creative brief, but a few key elements are always incorporated with our AI models. Depending on the type of content you need, you may see specific parts of the brief adjusted to ensure we get you the best content possible.

Your Brand

Unlike other AI content generation platforms, Hype AI knows your brand. When you set up your account for the first time, we ask for your brand's website. Then, like magic, we dynamically pull in your brand's colors, logos, company descriptions, and much more.  You only need to confirm your brand information once, but are always able to go back and make edits when desired.

Your Target Audience

Other AI platforms on the market today create generic content that could be for any brand and any customer. Great marketers know that irrelevant marketing is inefficient and can annoy customers. Hype AI's briefing system incorporates specific knowledge about your target audience for each piece of content you create to ensure it is highly relevant to the audience you are showing it to.

Your Objectives

Each piece of content your brand puts out in the world should aim to achieve a specific goal. That may be to bring awareness about a new product. It may be to promote a cheesy holiday sweater that is 40% off until this Friday. Whatever your goals are, Hype AI can understand them and generate original content to achieve them.
If you would like to learn more about how to use creative briefs to create great content, sign up for one of our free weekly webinars. You will learn from marketers who have built iconic global brands and produced Super Bowl commercials.