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hype ai features

Our AI enables you and your team to produce on-brand, high-converting marketing content in seconds.  Now you can never miss a deadline.
  • Chatbots trained for marketers
    Our AI is specially trained on marketing data for more helpful responses

  • A team of specialized bots
    Start with our marketing generalist or use our SEO, UX, Social Media, Content, PR or Analytics experts

  • Certified expertise
    Our bots have passed more than ten certifications including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Meta certified Digital Marketing Associate, Hubspot Digital Advertising and more

  • Multi-modal
    Our AI leverages multiple data models to ensure you get the best answer, not a generic response

Do more with less - with ai chat

Imagine having a team of experts in SEO, UX, Social Media, Content, Analytics, and PR at your fingertips - that's what you get with our AI chatbots!

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Content for the entire customer journey

Discover all the ways hype ai can help your team create content and save time

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  • Emails
    Craft effective email campaigns that deliver higher open rates and conversions

  • Blogs
    Write high-quality, engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly blog posts

  • Social media
    Create engaging content for your social media channels that builds a community of loyal followers

  • Strategy
    Design unique strategies that differentiate you from competitors including product concepts, product names and more

  • Video
    Boost engagement through video marketing that tells your brand's story and resonates with your target audience

  • Colors
    Your brand colors are incorporated for a consistent look and feel

  • Logos
    Add your brand logos to build greater awareness and recognition

  • Tone of voice
    Content is tailored to your brand's tone of voice guidelines

  • Knows your target customers
    Our AI can cater to different audience language preferences for more relevant and meaningful content

Master Your Band Identity

Effortlessly maintain a consistent brand voice, style, and presence across all content platforms

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Showcase Your Products with Precision

Seamlessly integrate detailed product information and visuals for compelling, informative content

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  • Syncs with Shopify
    Sync your product catalog to for higher qualilty content generation

  • Upload product data
    If you aren't using Shopify, you can bulk upload product details using our CSV template or add them individually

  • Product descriptions
    Generate content with necessary product details, including features, benefits, and specifications

  • Product images
    Enhance your content's visual appeal by incorporating approved product image

  • Planning

    You can plan and see your content in a calendar format

  • Project Management

    Project Management
    Centralize and organize your projects with easy-to-use folders

  • Share

    Easily share content with anyone, even if they don't have a hype account

  • Reuse brief

    Reuse briefs
    Save time by reusing your favorite content briefs

  • Comments

    Streamline the feedback process with enhanced team communication

  • Export

    Instantly download content in various formats, including Word, Google Docs, PDFs, and PNGs

Accelerate Team Productivity

Enhance teamwork with intuitive project management, sharing, and feedback tools designed for content creators

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Fuel Your Creativity with Endless Inspiration

Explore competitor ads, create idea boards, and effortlessly share content to spark innovative campaigns and projects

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  • Download and Share

    View competitors ads
    Gain insights from competitor ads and their audience targeting

  • Create Board

    Create boards
    Use boards as a source of inspiration for upcoming projects or campaigns

  • Download and Share

    Download and share
    Download and use your content in a wide range of applications, including PowerPoint, PDF, PNG, and more

What Is A Brief?

Creative Briefs are the Foundation of Hyyype AI

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