How to set up Brand DNA

Getting started with Hype is straightforward and takes just a couple of minutes. Begin with letting Hype know your brand so all your content is consistent and relevant to your customers.

Step 1. From the Hype home screen, navigate to the menu on the top right and select “Brand DNA”.

Step 2 : Enter the website link for your business. Enter the home page link without any trailing links.

Step 3: Confirm whether Hype recognizes your logo.

Step 4: You will see the Hype automatically pulls your brand colors, logo images, and information about your brand such as target audience, etc. Edit the information, if needed, else hit “Save” and “Continue” to save the information.

Step 5: Your last step is to select your brand voice. Highlight the best words that describe your brand voice, or click the plus sign and add your own descriptions to describe how your brand sounds.

Once you select your brand voice, click “Save” and “Continue”. You are now all set with your brand voice. You will be taken to a page to add your products. Feel free to add products or return to the home screen to begin creating.